Doing Good

For many years I have been dedicated to being a positive force for good in our local communities. Over my career to date our efforts have raised more than one hundred million dollars to local and national causes across North America. We proud to state that our efforts have helped tens of thousands in our society annually but the truth is we wish we could help so many more. Below are just a few of the causes we have supported:

Juma Ventures– our efforts have assisted tens of thousands of at risk youth on an annual basis

Boys and Girls Clubs– our contributions have helped feed over two thousands underserved children in Colorado and Oregon daily

The Journey Home– this grass root initiative has helped over one thousand children annually secure safe shelter

The Hot Stuff Food Challenge– is a program that raised multiple millions to help protect battered spouses and children

On the Right Track – is a Denver based program that helps recovering drug addicts reenter society. In Colorado alone we have 4000 recovering addicts and our immediate goal is to assist each and every one. Then we would like to take this program nationally.

Stamford Youth Foundation – another grass root initiative that provides sports and cheerleading opportunities to those without resources.

My personal goal is to double these contribution over the next decade. I hope you will take a moment and see how you can assist these are any other local cause in your community.

Together we can do awesome work and provide support to make life for those in need better.

At Hague Enterprises we give back to the community and working with you will serve to fuel more good.

Let’s do it.